Líbero Creative Club is born the first creative agency specialized in football


Líbero Creative incorporates the first creative agency specialized in football into its  Club ” project . This novelty will unite brands and fans of this sport through stories, good ideas and innovative formats. This project belongs to the Jungle21 ecosystem. If you cannot view this video correctly, click here . A staff made up of journalists, writers, designers and content creators specialized in football. This is how they present Club in the video: «We tell exciting stories about football, brands and people.

Libero Creative Club

Líbero Creative Club (LCC) will convey category email list the magazine’s philosophy of sharing football stories without shouting, from a cultural point of view and a strong journalistic focus. The services offered: Strategic consulting: advice to brands, clubs and athletes to find their space within football. Advertising and content: documentaries, podcasts, campaigns, sponsorships or fiction. Product and experience design. “Ideas have to speak the language of football emotions and we help brands find their place in football and clubs and athletes find their place in society.

Co- founder and ecosystem director of Jungle

We help IT Email List brands understand their position and relationship with this sport, we accompany them in the process of telling more interesting and entertaining stories and, finally, we design products and experiences within this playing field,” says Jacobo Pérez del Pulgar. Talking about football is something deeper than a ball, 90 minutes, fans and a result. It is talking about history and stories, cities and belonging, fashion, culture, values and social change. Football without shouting, that’s Líbero Creative Club”, that’s how he defines the project.

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