Creation of a Welcome Email to the Acumbamail list


Let’s see, my weapon, you already have a new subscriber and you are not even going to welcome him… but you are crouching? Yes, like “crazy summer”… Nope! We must give a welcome that makes history! Well, between video 5 and the bonus (video 11) you will fall in love on the first date. You’ll see, you’ll see. Send your posts automatically using RSS with Acumbamail . Although many will continue to tell you that you have to send the emails short, with an extract and a text that tells why you wrote the post and that invites your subscribers to click to read it… If your goal is for them to read

Lead Magnet creation and planning

We focus on creating a Lead Magnet or super cool content. So good that whoever sees it has no excuse to say category email list no and has to download it. Just enter your email and you are already hunted. Do you follow me? Well, although in a somewhat softer way, this is your video. Basic use of autoresponders in Acumbamail . Autoresponders are one of the most used features lately and will allow you to do really good things to improve your relationship with your subscribers. In this video you will see a basic presentation of what autoresponders are and the most basic options in Acumbamail.

Connect Twitter Cards with Acumbamail

One of the things that has worked the most for me when I have launched an ebook or a course has been to connect a Lead Generation Twitter Card with my subscriber list. In this video you will learn how to do it with Acumbamail. Advanced use of autoresponders . To finish, we review the most advanced IT Email List options for autoresponders in Acumbamail and options to get the most out of them. That’s it! How about? I think it’s complete, right? Let’s see, I’m not going to deny it to you. If you access the course through the subscription you have an extra video that I am not going to tell you what it is… hehehehe. –> Course subscription . But, come on, it’s not that big of a deal… hehehehe.

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