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The google case of an unavailable product, the user has two choices: The visitor leaves the shop. Will look for another webshop, search offline or stop buying the product altogether. The visitor stays in the shop. She waits until the product is available again, looks for an alternative product or chooses a completely different product from the same brand, for example. I discuss five methods by which you do not lose SEO value and your visitor finds what he is looking for. 1. Leaving the product online with the message ‘out of stock’ This method is often the default method of e-commerce platforms.

Website caching prevents server

You keep the snippets like the stars.  In the search results but turn this search result into a useless click. It lacks a call-to-action . The visitor cannot continue and will leave the shop. 2. Keeping the product online with a waiting list option You keep the photo editor product page including a ‘keep me informe’ call-to-action. Very suitable for products that will become available again within one year. 3. Make it a 404 page Google likes relevant pages. Pages with an out-of-stock article with no further call-to-action are more likely to be irrelevant. An increasing bounce rate can then be the result.

Failures by limiting server utilization

Making this page a 404 page is one possible solution. Make it a custom page right away. A standard page shows the wrong message. It says that the visitor is out of luck and should look elsewhere. Make sure the 404 page contains the following elements. Apologize and explain what happene. The design must match the rest of the shop. Make sure the header and footer are visible. Make sure that the visitor can click through to IT Email List other relevant products or categories. Add a search bar and place it prominently on the page. Don’t forget to add relevant products base on any previous sessions.

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