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Will be back in stock? If The Product. Is going to be restocked soon, leave the tab active and include a message. Explaining that there is no stock and indicating an estimated replenishment date. Furthermore, It is interesting to think about the user and provide them with other similar or substitute products. In addition to making it easier for them to leave their email to notify them. When  is back in stock and in the process we capture the lead. If is not going to be back in stock. Before deleting the listing, keep reading so as not to lose organic traffic and authority

Perform a 301 redirection to The Product the new version

Is positioned and has top industry data backlinks In this case. In order not to lose that organic traffic and authority thanks to external. Links, the ideal would be to perform a 301 redirection to the new. Version of or a similar one and. If there is none, to the higher category. Include a section where you explain to the user that it is an improved version. Of the product or it is another product with very similar characteristics, in order not to lose the sale.

Keep in mind that with this option you will not be taking

This way you The Product take advantage IT Email List of the traffic and authority of that product but you can confuse the user who wants to buy that specific product but ends up taking them to another. Therefore, another option would be to leave the active product out of stock and explain the reason why it will not be replaced. In addition, adding similar products and if there are none, a button to the higher category or in some cases to the manufacturer.

Keep in mind that with this option you will not be taking advantage of the “strength” of that backlink. The product is positioned but has NO backlinks If the URL has a lot of traffic, you can keep the listing active and explain to users why it is not and will not be available and include related or substitute products.

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