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If a new version of that product exists (with stock) at a new Stay Informed. URL, the ideal would be to redirect the old product to the new one. Don’t forget to indicate in the text that it is a new version of the previous. Product and that it performs the same function. The product is not positioned but receives backlinks. In this case, the product does not receive relevant traffic nor does it have positioned keywords. But it does receive backlinks. To take advantage of these links. The ideal would be to apply a 301 redirect to the new version of the product , to a product with similar characteristics and if there is none, to the higher category.

The most Stay Informed appropriate thing would be to apply

The product is not positioned industry email list nor does it have backlinks In this case the product is not relevant since it does not receive organic traffic or links, so we can do without it. But be careful, check if by chance you receive a lot of traffic through some other channel. The most appropriate thing would be to apply a 410 to indicate to the robots that that. URL has been deleted and will no longer be available. Also, you must remove that URL from the sitemap and request removal in Google Search Console. Conclusion I hope you have seen how important it is to manage out-of-stock, discontinued or deleted products in an online store.

Following these steps you will improve the user experience

Decisions should not be made lightly IT Email List and depending on each case. One method or another will have to be applied. By following these steps you will improve the user experience in addition to improving. SEO aspects such as: optimizing the crawl budget , by solving 404 errors. You will strengthen the current URLs by doing 301 redirects and you will improve. The link juice or internal strength. Did you know the importance of managing. Out-of-stock products well? Mini course on how to optimize a product sheet for SEO If you want to become a true SEO consultant and master product sheets like a PRO, at SEOWarriors we have just published a course by Rocío on how to optimize a product sheet for SEO.

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