What Programmatic Advertising is and how it works


Can you imagine being able to use the capacity of Big Data and the power of Artificial Intelligence to create. What Programmatic segment, optimize and improve the results of your Digital Marketing strategy. All this is possible thanks to Programmatic Advertising , the new era of Digital Advertising and one of the main. Above all, responsible for large-scale Digital Transformation in all sectors. A growth that is unstoppable  since the estimate. Is that investment in Programmatic Advertising will increase by 24.9% during 2021 according to the American portal .

What Programmatic Google programmatic advertising

Above all, Previously the purchase top industry data of digital advertising was carried out through negotiations that involved. Many intermediaries and bureaucratic procedures, something that has been replaced. By this complex system that makes the most of Internet campaigns. The use of this technology does not imply the replacement of human beings with machines, since there will always have to. Above all, be a person controlling the technological framework, constituting the perfect symbiosis when carrying out Digital Marketing strategies.

what parts make up the programmatic

The use of this technology implies the IT Email List knowledge of a series of terms that I will briefly explain. The simplification of the process of buying and selling advertising inventory benefits both the sale where. Publishers make their inventory and formats available through Supply Side Platforms (SSP). Above all, while agencies and advertisers carry out the demand for advertising space through of Demand Side Platforms (DSP). 

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