Lizzo goes on tour with a gigantic inflatable ass to promote her shapewear


Lizzo is currently on tour in the United States, her native country and those who are fortunate enough to hear the American singer sing live could come face to face with an unusual surprise at the artist’s concerts. Therefore, and good old Lizzo has decided to go on tour escorted by a 4.5 meter inflatable ass that wears (in no way casual) a piece of clothing from Yitty, the singer’s shapewear brand. The artist has hung on the arm of the Giant Spoon agency to illuminate such an attractive advertising medium. 

From the brand Major Label Smoothing Bikini Brief

Fans of Yitty, which Lizzo has developed top industry data in tandem with the athleisure brand Fabletics. Therefore, will probably recognize in the buttocks that the singer has decided to take with her to her concerts a real garment, For a chance to get their hands on these tempting gifts, Therefore, lizzo fans will have to scan a QR code prominently placed on the inflatable butts. Launched with the aim of being a disruptive force in a market in which Spanx and Kim Kardashian’s brand Skims also operate , Yitty hatched in April 2022 . 

The artist has hung on the arm of the Giant Spoon

Yitty’s inflatable buttocks will accompany IT Email List Lizzo at her upcoming concerts in Detroit, St. Paul, Atlanta, Houston and Los Angeles. Needless to say, such unusual inflatable asses serve as a promotional vehicle for Yitty and also give those attending the singer’s live performances the possibility of obtaining free products from the firm or getting better seats at the concerts. Beyond the 4.5 meter buttocks, which due to their colossal size are logically the most striking, Lizzo and Giant Spot have also created buttocks of somewhat more modest dimensions: 2.4 meters.

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