Conduct a study of your target audience and buyer persona


There are few things more important in business than trust. Without it, no matter how good Conduct a study a product you have and no matter how good the price. If your business does not have enough trust in the consumer. They will not buy from you. In this phase, apart from going to the media. You can also work on Google my Business reviews . Improve testimonials on your social networks, creating collaborations with identities better positioned than yours on social networks. Positioning stage. It will be of no use to you to achieve visibility and trust seen in the previous point. If you do not then maintain your brand in that position. Therefore, you must draw up a long-term plan to be able to reach a larger audience and continue improving Conduct a study your brand positioning.

Traditional brand positioning media plan:

Television. Press. Radio. Events and category email list fairs. Urban furniture. 6- Perform plan analysis Finally, it is very important to know if the efforts have produced results. Therefore, you  must carry out an analysis of the results, at the end of the campaign and during it, to be able to modify and rectify things that are not working. Track each of the contracted channels to know the effectiveness of each format. If they do not work or do not reach the set objective, you must optimize and make decisions to improve the desired results.

Examples of a media plan:

Questions to consider To finish this IT Email List article on how to make a digital media plan, I leave you a series of questions that it will be good for you to answer in order to create your plan. Some are already mentioned throughout the article and others are new and interesting to take into account. I also don’t know what you do, or if you prefer red or white or if you prefer the beach or the mountains. But it does not matter. As far as I know, you are a human being and you have a brain on your shoulders, and that automatically makes you predictable and easily persuasive. – Who me? Oh yes, you. 

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