Atresmedia provides the keys for brands to make memorable advertising


Atresmedia publishes the “Empirical Study of Advertising Effectiveness” , and provides advertisers with the necessary information to make their advertising proposals successful. Today’s viewers receive endless stimuli in their daily lives, and that is why it is important that advertisements resonate with them and differentiate themselves, in order to make the audience fall in love with them. The study was prepared by Atresmedia Publicidad in collaboration with the advertising effectiveness and audience measurement company Fluzo .

The need to generate memorable advertising

Atresmedia Publicidad highlights its industry email list interest in effective advertising and always being up to date with innovation “to offer brands and agencies the most appropriate campaign for each communication need. As well as the best commercial service.” As mentioned above, it is important that advertising draws the attention of the audience and interests them in the products or services being promoted. The study highlights that television advertising is necessary for brands to reach consumers. But it is not enough to appear on television, a planned strategy is necessary for campaigns to be effective and memorable . 

Factors that improve advertising recall

Short blocks , between 1 and 4 spots, multiply IT Email List advertising recall by 2.4 compared to conventional blocks. For their part. Exclusive blocks multiply the notoriety generated by 3.9. Advertising data The spots broadcast in preferential positions can double the advertising memory. Compared to the ads that are in central positions of the advertising blocks. Especially when it comes to the ad in the top spot. Data according to position Regarding the most effective duration. It is evident that those ads that increased the standard. Duration improved advertising recall. Formats of less than 20 seconds have lower advertising recall. 

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