Differences Between ATL and BTL That You Need to Know to Manage


When we deal with issues related to promoting brands and. Differences Between promoting products, key aspects within Digital Marketing. For example, ATL and BTL advertising and marketing are part of the development of promotional campaigns. That is why in this article we will tell you what each one is and their differences. With the arrival of mobile technologies and devices, brands have had to innovate in the way. They are seen or disseminated to their audiences, which has allowed them to rethink Marketing strategies . That is why it is so important that you know about. ATL and BTL advertising and marketing, their main characteristics and their differences between them.

Differences Between What Do ATL and BTL Mean

These concepts have existed within the world job function email list of advertising campaigns since the mid-1950s. Since the mass consumer products brand P&G began paying various fees to different advertising agencies . Making this practice, from that moment on, a standard. Let’s see what each one means. First of all, its acronym represents an abbreviation of Above The Line or, in Spanish, sobre la Línea . A term that refers to all advertising and marketing actions that are aimed at. A mass audience without any type of segmentation. This type of advertising seeks to reach a large number of people. But without actually targeting those with interests related to the company.

Differences Between ATL and BTL

As we already mentioned, ATL and BTL are not IT Email List necessarily rivals or opposites, but without a doubt. They have differences that, depending on the conditions or intentions of. The advertising, can cause the company to have to decide on one. or other. ATL advertising and marketing use traditional media such as radio, television, written press or outdoor advertising. On the other hand, BTL relies on product placement, advergaming, displays , Direct Marketing , advertising in online media and sponsorships. While ATL advertising uses a very corporate and neutral message. For different audiences, BTL focuses on campaigns with a high level of creativity and ingenuity.

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