Learn About the Love mark Concept and Transform Your Customers Into


Love mark is a concept that is used in Marketing to represent a brand that has managed. Learn About to generate a high level of trust and commitment in its customers, which makes them remain in. Their memories and encourages them to be recommended to other potential customers. Most brands that have achieved success in today’s markets have been because they have sought much more than loyal customers. The true secret to its success is that these people. Come to feel love for your brand, turning them into love marks. Getting your brand to become a love mark is nothing more than. Ensuring that your customers’ engagement reaches its maximum expression.

Learn About What is the Concept of Love Mark

This concept was defined by the marketing email leads and advertising genius Kevin Roberts. And basically it is a marketing strategy where love and brand come together. A love mark is a brand that has managed to position itself as the first choice of its target audience, thanks to the generation. Of well-established emotional ties that make the loyalty and commitment. Of its consumers reach the point where they feel love for the brand. According to Kevin Roberts, the bond between a brand and the consumer can. Reach the level of falling in love if the brand manages to develop three elements.

Why is It Important for a Brand to Become a Love Mark

The importance of what the love mark concept IT Email List means for companies is that your. Brand will go from being a brand with an average level of engagement from your customers. To generating a level of engagement so great that it could be compared to being truly in love. The fact that companies are in charge of carrying out marketing strategies that aim to generate increasingly. Stronger engagement in the people who consume their products or services. They end up putting their loyalty above their rationality. This means that the loyalty and commitment we have for our love. Mark weighs more when asking us questions to make a purchasing decision.

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