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Info products or, But do you have any idea which infoproduct formats are most convenient for you? This is the first question you should ask yourself if you are really considering making money selling digital products on the Internet. To answer these questions and others on the subject, I thought about inviting my friend Rubén Alonso (a professional who controls these issues very well) again. So, in this 18th guest post Rubén will show us many of the secrets of the world of infoproducts. Why Should You Create Your Own Info products Right Now.

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Digital products on the Internet: why should top people data you create your own info products right now? I’m here fighting again and that’s a good sign. Infoproducts or because it means that you liked my last article on Affiliate Marketing . Or that the owner of this blog is crazy and he wants me to destroy him with my articles. Whatever it is, thanks José!  That said. I’m going to explain to you what the heck digital information products are , or better known as info products . And most importantly, why you should start creating your own info product right now.

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An info product is a digital product IT Email List based on information, knowledge or experiences of the author himself with the purpose of educating and training the user who consumes it. In short, an info product could well be an ebook , a podcast , an online video course, etc. and that is normally sold or offered for free on a website or blog. Types of digital info products Audios or podcasts They are fashionable. And they are surely the “simplest” info product to create. It is highly recommended to have a script to create good audio, but it is usually faster.

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