Instagram photo size: Measurement guide for your posts


Instagram photo size: Measurement guide for your posts . One of the things that you must master when you start using Instagram in a more professional way is the size and measurements of the publications. If you are a community manager , even more so. In this social network, the quality of content is increasingly rewarded , and one of the factors that influence this is the size and dimensions of the photos, videos and any type of publication that you upload to Instagram. Therefore, in this post I am going to solve all your doubts. I will explain to you what the size of the photos is on Instagram, and also of stories.

Profile photo size on Instagram

Profile photo size on Instagram. Finally, many people forget about their profile photo. They upload anything without taking into account the dimensions, and you must be careful because Instagram compresses the images a lot. It is  job function email list important that the quality of your profile photo is adequate so that it looks good. Although the exact size is 110 x 110 pixels, the most optimal is to use a measurement of 180 x 180 pixels.

Post size on Instagram

The first thing we must remember is the fact that on Instagram you can share different types of publications, so we will talk about measurements for each of them. Posts in the feed – These can be 1 image or several in carousel format, and videos. Posts in stories – Can be a 10-second image or video (recently expanded to 60 seconds) Instagram Reels – Short videos IT Email List with customizable audio clips. Instagram TV – Long videos in vertical format. So let’s look at the sizes and measurements on Instagram one by one.

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