12 Best Free and Paid Concept Mapping Programs


12 Best Free and Paid Concept Mapping Programs. Learn what mind maps are and how to use them. They really are a very important tool and we can apply it to a lot of jobs and processes. That’s why I have decided to show you which are the best applications to make free and paid concept maps, and thereby improve your productivity and organize yourself much better. What are concept maps. The simplest definition to define what a conceptual map or mental map is would be a graphic way of organizing ideas that helps us have a greater understanding of them. Therefore, the concept map is a technique for synthesizing information.

Types of concept maps

Therefore, There are different types of concept maps but the most used today are the following. Hierarchical. It is organized from a key concept called father from which other concepts descend. Spider Map. The main word is presented in the center and less important topics are placed around it. Organization chart. It is presented in a linear manner and to read its data well we will have to clearly define the way to follow it. Systematic Map. Similar to the previous one but contains inputs and outputs. Multidimensional. It is created email database from a two-dimensional or three-dimensional figure. Landscape Map. It tries to represent a figure or landscape, taking a real or fictitious space as its starting point.

How to make concept maps

Therefore, How to make concept maps. We are going to explain how to make a concept map step by step. You can make a mind map using a sheet of paper and a pen, or you can also make a concept map online. Defines the title or theme of the map. Define the subtopics you want to discuss. Determines the classification of information for each of the subtopics. The best way to start the whole IT Email List process is to do a big brainstorming of ideas to see all the topics you want to discuss and as a result. Therefore, create your concept map that will organize all that information in a more graphic way.

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