Green but Not Ecological Marketing Don’t Be Part of the Deception


Greenwashing is a marketing strategy implemented by companies and even public. Green but organizations, which consists of appearing respectful of the environment, when in reality they are not. The answer is simple: In order to increase their sales flow, in the specific case of companies, or to improve the level of approval within the population. Basically, organizations break their ethical codes, as they sell the public a nice idea of ​​corporate social responsibility , without truly integrating it into their policies and culture. Using this technique will not add value to your brand and, on the other hand, can cause severe image damage and will make it difficult to meet the expected objectives.

Green but How Does Greenwashing Work

You already know that, by explaining what email database greenwashing is, we can value it as a marketing strategy. Aimed at attracting and retaining users or, simply, building a better perception among society or a market niche in which the values ​​of sustainability and care prevail. environmental. To understand it better, we must take you into the two classic ways of carrying out this disloyal practice. It is about showing a product or an organization in an exponentially eco-friendly way. When this is not entirely true or, simply, tends to attack the environment, through. Aesthetic designs or presentations motivated by nature, in which predominate green tones.

Highlight Innovations Valuable to the Environment

This way consists of making the public believe IT Email List that a company is ecologically responsible. By highlighting different innovations based on sustainability, but in reality. These do not exist or represent only a marginal improvement in ecological terms. They commonly carry it out through the publication of ecological magazines or through advertisements in media. That are characterized by being sustainable and defending the principles of environmental care. As you can see by definition, greenwashing is a false truth and represents a non-loyal or unethical way of getting potential clients and building loyalty.

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