Storytelling in marketing evolving towards Story doing


Storytelling in . Why should brands redirect from Storytelling to Storydoing?  Marketing Evolves Towards Storydoing What were your beginnings ? Before entering the world of digital Storytelling and Storydoing. Therefore, we must keep in mind that troubadours or storytellers have existed since the beginning of humanity. But taken to the world of companies and business, these types of communication strategies began to be seen to a greater extent in the 1980s.

Storytelling in marketing

What is the definition of email leads  marketing? There are practically as many definitions of Storytelling as there are professionals who define it. Storytelling in So.Therefore, what we must do to better understand this technique is to understand its bases and roots.  marketing is a technique that consists of telling stories that connect emotionally with the user and that transmit the essence and values ​​of the companies  In order to capture, create and maintain a loyal and loyal community to the brand in the long term .

Transmedia Storytelling

Guidelines to take into account IT Email List to enhance your success Know the history, values, objectives and goals of the company inside out. Convey stories based on the reason for their creation and distribution. Therefore, Narrative themes must be created based on the tastes and needs of the users . They are more successful if the spirit of the company is combined with a life story that inspires its users and makes them feel identified. Therefore, This strategy is linked to content marketing. As such should be given a priority position in the social media and Brand marketing plan.

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