8 Keys to Professional Reconversion and the Digital Transformation of People


8 Keys to Professional Reconversion and the Digital Transformation of People. Professional reconversion is something that is the order of the day and makes many people ask themselves this. How to carry out the digital and professional transformation of a personal brand. The Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic has caused an international economic crisis that has reduced part of the business fabric, and in some sectors it has had a strong impact, such as the tourism sector, shops and the services sector. Without a doubt, we are experiencing a situation of great volatility in employment and a great increase is expected in the coming months and even years.

Analyze a training of at least one year

Analyze year-long training to learn in-depth in that subject where you want to dedicate yourself professionally from now on. Aspects that you should value about this training: Practical training: You need to access real training where they really teach you the skills you need to know how to use to work in that specific profile. For example, at the School we teach you through the Master of Digital Marketing all the skills you need to be able to practice this profession. Qualified training : Separating the wheat from the chaff is sometimes difficult, but try to have at your disposal as much data as possible about the mass email contact list such as; teachers, methodology, tutoring, support, in-person and online classes, material and tools to which you will have access, etc.

Do internships in a company

Do internships in a company. Being able to do an internship in a company will help you enormously to be able to apply what you learned in the training and will also help you gain experience, which is something that will be very useful if you later want to look for a job IT Email List as an employee. Of course, do internships in a company where you will really learn the specialty in which you have studied, since if not they could lose their effectiveness.

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