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New frontier , What is Real Time Content or Direct Response Advertising? “RTC and DNA” These are some of the many examples that we can find in the global digital marketing panorama. About techniques that set trends and about the skill of a team of professionals to transcend the borders that until then seemed well defined. Although for many of us these terms may still sound strange or seem like issues out of our reach. They are strategies that are already being used by many Brands today. So, with the intention of providing.

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A little more clarity on job function email list these issues. In this guest post I will once again have the collaboration of Tere Rodríguez, New frontier , so that she can tell us more about the RTC and the DNA. Are you interested in direct response marketing? This is how Real Time Content begins (or real-time content) On February 4, 2013, something surprising happened. Thousands of people gathered at the New Orleans Superdome to support their favorite teams during one of the most important sporting events in the United States: the Super Bowl.

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There was excitement throughout IT Email List  the stadium. Finally. The expected moment. The beloved players of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers take the field in their flashy uniforms. The fans burst in shouting. The referees call the captains and mark the start of the match. The players begin to run and pass the unmistakable elongated ball to each other. The fans roar. And suddenly. Something happens that was not planned. The stadium is left in complete darkness. What is happening? everyone asks. Five, ten, twenty minutes pass.

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