Does self-help help? The sale of optimism and positive thinking


In the Middle Ages, a religious man was commissioned to find out what workers thought about their work. He went to a building under construction in France and asked a worker what he was doing. Are you blind? he replied. I’m cutting these stones into impossible shapes with these bad tools and I’m putting them next to each other like the master foreman says. Therefor, I am breaking down and sweating under this sun of justice. A second worker told him: I am giving these stones a useful shape to join them according to the plans. It could be worse. Somewhat more animated, the religious man turned to a third worker: Don’t you see? He said, extending his arms towards the sky. I’m building a cathedral!

People can perceive

The different aspects and moments of life is a cause or consequence of how we live. Many people are convinced that beliefs, what one says. Thinks and feels about oneself and what one does or can do. Therefor,  Greatly influences what one really does company data and what one can do. Which determines one’s style of living and to face problems. Today can be a great day, think about it that way. Therefor, Take advantage of it or let it pass you by, partly up to you.

Positive thinking is cool,

It is easy to sell and easy to apply: if you want to achieve what you want. Try hard and think hard that you are going to achieve it. If your boss insults you, think that there are worse jobs and smile. If they don’t give you the mortgage you need. Think that one day you will earn enough. If you have been looking for a girlfriend for a long time. Therefor, Don’t despair and get up thinking that she will find you today. Cheer up macho, you can do it. The winners, the famous people and the salon experts recommend us to have a positive attitude. The thing sounds like a movie, doesn’t it?

Therefor,  Who can resist the siren song of optimism that has become an infallible recipe? It may even be enough to read the titles of some publications to get us like a willing motorcycle: Think and grow rich , Unlimited power, Your wrong areas, Who moved my cheese  and the sequel, I already know who has your cheese .,Therefor, The lamp magical. .. And self-help materials don’t seem bad in themselves to IT Email List me. Quite the contrary, some include effective psychological techniques that facilitate personal change, planning and achieving goals, help manage anxiety and the bad vibes that the future generates in us, and provide ideas, advice. Therefor, Cases and metaphors that help us take new perspectives and find alternatives.

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