Do humorous conferences require funny speakers?


Apart from that stoic vision of existence that consists of accepting problems and relativizing them, I did not know at first what use I could make of that joke, how I could apply it to my professional activities as a speaker, motivator or advisor. Days later, when trying to tell a friend, I realized that I couldn’t find the exact way: That man, who dies on a Monday and says: joe, what a way to start the week… No, wait, it’s not like that… what a bad start to the week. No, it definitely wasn’t that funny. The lack of fun in the thing was not only due to the fact that.

I was not Chiquita

But also to how important it is to use the word “badly” in the joke. Humor, also what is tried to be applied in “conferences with humor” , lives on forms and words. The same thing happens with stories, tales and metaphors, what is now called storytelling . Sometimes, when the story, fable or metaphor requires it. I usually read them, instead of narrating them. So as not to fail to use the appropriate words and executive data phrases. Verbal resources and, specifically. Those related to humor, are essential tools for change that people professionals must use : directors, managers and team supervisors; lecturers, speakers and trainers; advisors, career counselors, coaches and educators; and, of course, commercials and sellers.

With trying to be a fun speaker

Like many TED talk speakers, either because of their charisma or because of their great style and preparation as communicators. Instead of trying to fight your supposed lack of comedic acumen, start crafting a lecture that’s funny. I repeat. It is not the lecturer who must be intrinsically entertaining , but his lecture. Many counseling and motivational speaking professionals fear confronting clients. Audiences with weapons IT Email List such as metaphors, stories and humorous content , which not only require naturalness but also adjustment to the motivations and interests of our target audience. . But it’s not about being funny, it’s about incorporating verbal and multimedia humor into the methodology and seeing what happens. Giving lectures, informing, advising, recommending, training or initiating change, any of these interventions will be more effective with a smile.

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