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Every  has a sender that appears on the screen. But is it the Who is This authentic sender? To know for sure,  needs an Email From identity verification system. There is a growing consensus on this among  senders and receivers. The last two proposals were recently presented and come from the Yahoo! portal. , and email infrastructure company IronPort Systems. Which has an agreement with the Online Advertising Initiative  Providers Coalition (ESPC). The objective of both projects is to establish a technical specification that allows  recipients to verify the identity of the sender.


Who is This The next step would be to

Add to that identification an assessment of your reputation. Domain Keys is the system executive data proposed by Yahoo!, which aims to guarantee that emails. Really come from the domains listed in the sender field. This would combat spam, since many of these senders use domains or email addresses of legitimate businesses. This system combines public key cryptography with the domain name system. Yahoo! has already sent its proposal to industry leaders and colleagues at America On Line. MSN and EarthLink , all of which provide. ISP service and have stated that they will work together to fight spam.


Who is This For its part, the ESPC also

Email From Launched a more ambitious project called. Lumos in September. Which aims to have a greater IT Email List reach than Domain Keys. With that same objective. IronPort has presented a proposal for SMTPi, whose acronym stands for. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which also has added identity features. But as the company points out. The problem is that such a system would require. A huge overhaul of the existing email infrastructure. So it would take years before this system would be viable.

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