Buenos Aires for Email Marketing

The average Buenos Aires click rate in the EMEA area (Europe. Middle East and Africa) during the third quarter of 2003 was 9.6%. Which places it four points above the United States (9.2%). Which means an increase of 5% compared to the third quarter of 2002. The sectors that have been most influenced. By this growth have been consumer products and services (11.2%). Retailers and catalogs (8.8%), travel ( 8.5%) and publishing for companies (8%).


Buenos Aires The ad click rate remained at 7.8%

In the business products and services category and decreased by 17./%. In the consumer publishing segment to 9.3%. Regarding the email executive email list opening rate. The EMEA area wins with 42.2% compared to the US with only 37.1%. Leading the way in Europe is France (52.8%) Followed by Great Britain (42.7%) and Germany (34.8%). However. The rate of returned or unopened emails (the bounce ratio). Increased in the EMEA area from 9.9% in the second quarter to 11.8% in the third.


Buenos Aires According to Dou bleclick

This is due to Spams. “DoubleClick customers are adapting their email practices to IT Email List address the increasingly complex email environment. said Eric Kirby, vice president and general manager of DoubleClick’s Strategic Services Division. “Third-quarter results appear to demonstrate that improved. Client practices and smarter marketing habits are helping them. Stay ahead of these growing complexities, which is a positive. Sign as we enter in the crucial holiday season. The trend is that results will continue this holiday season despite.

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