One in Every Four Companies Does Not Respond to Users’ Emails


Netydea has carried out an analysis of the customer. Service services One in Every of the websites of the main Spanish service companies. The report, called “Customer service by e-mail. Shows how 67% of the websites responded to the message sent, 6%. Sent an automatic response. Confirming receipt of the message and 27% did not respond at all. Regarding response time, the study shows that in 34% of cases, companies respond in less than two hours. Which indicates that the websites try to serve the user very quickly.


One in Every Of all the answers received,

Less than half (47%) can be considered correct. That is, they  answer what is asked. In 39% of cases the response tries company data to resolve the question raised but does not completely do so. In 14% of cases the responses did not provide. Any information related to what was requested. In the study, Netydea analyzes an essential element in responses to the client, such as the inclusion of a greeting in the message. 15% of the responses received did not include any form of greeting, whether “Dear sir”, “Dear customer” or a simple “Hello”.


One in Every directly to answer the request for information

Other aspects of the responses received analyzed in the study help establish the profile of the typical customer IT Email List service message: the farewell signature, spelling and grammatical correction, the inclusion of accents and the treatment. Full report Netydea is a work team with more than 6 years of experience in the network. Since 1997, the company, located in Barcelona, ​​offers its knowledge and experience to companies and entities that want to have a quality presence on the Internet. At Netydea we find the appropriate solution to the needs of each company for its internet business idea.

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