How to post a job offer on LinkedIn step by step


How to post a job on LinkedIn for free? If you are looking for a professional and want to use. LinkedIn to carry out that search, in this guide you will see how to post a job offer on LinkedIn. The social network of professionals offers you the possibility of creating. Job offers for your company and thus finding the best candidates for the position. As you will see, it is a very simple and convenient. Way to advertise the job you advertise on LinkedIn and those who want to work on what you offer will be able to find you through email or text message notifications.

Your ad to offer

A job on LinkedIn can also be found in the “recommended jobs” section of the social network. So that you can find your ideal candidate, follow the following steps. Explained to company data us by guest author Alex Castro in this tutorial on how to publish a job offer on LinkedIn . Write a description of the type of work you offer and what responsibilities or. Obligations the person will have to fulfill in the job. Below you have a section to add skills: it is an excellent way to segment the type of professionals you want the ad to reach.

LinkedIn recommends step by step

That you enter at least 3 questions so that you can better filter the candidates and thus be able to verify that they meet your requirements. In  this section LinkedIn already IT Email List introduces you 3 questions that you can eliminate if it does not suit your ad. step by step You also have the option to add other pre-screening questions that the tool has prepared for you. In the event that none of these questions are relevant when creating an optimal. Job offer, you have the possibility of creating a personalized question.

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