Investments For The Transformation Of The Enterprise


At The Second Stage, The Current Scheme Of The Company’s Business Processes Is Fixe, And It Is Necessary To Calculate How Much Time And Resources Each Stage Consumes. Such A Calculation Allows You To Immeiately See The Most “Narrow” Andbusiness Process Reengineering Can Bear Fruit Only If All Conditions Are Met: Readiness Of Staff And Employees To Change. Availability Of Sufficient Resources And Time. Technological Solutions. Practice Shows That With Technological Solutions, Such As Bpms , There Are Usually No Difficulties. The Big Problem Is That Reengineering Requires Large Financial  And Does Not Happen Instantly. An Even More Serious Difficulty Can Be The Unwillingness Of The Staff, And Often The Management Itself, To Follow This Path To The End. The First Difficulties Are Frightening And Make You Turn Back, And The First Successes Suggest That You Can Already Stop – And In Both Cases.

The Process Does Not Reach The End

Only Determination And Understanding Of The Nee For Complex Formations Allow The Management To Convey These Ideas To Each Employee, Which Is The Main Key To The Success Of Reengineering. The Idea Of ​​reengineering Frightens Greece Phone Number List Many People Because It Requires A Sharp, “revolutionary” Transition From The “as It Is Today” Model To A New, “ideal” Model. As A Result, The Business Gets A Big “shake-up”, Which Can Completely Unsettle It For Some Time. Another Problem Is That The Compilation Of “as Is” And “as It Should” Models Takes A Lot Of Time, And While It Is Happening, In Reality Both Models Have Already Change.

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That Is The Business No Longer

Works Exactly As Describe In The First Model, And The Goals Of Its Transformation Differ From Those Describe In The Second. As A Result, It Is Necessary To Reform The Models, Starting This Work Almost From The Beginning. The Way Out Is The Rejection Of The Transition From The Old Principles To The New Ones “in One Step”. Instead, It Is Increasingly Use To Consistently Make Changes To Individual Business Processes Or Business Stages, Followe By Tracking The Results And Adjusting The Strategy. This Approach Allows For A Smoother IT Email List Transition. And Most Importantly, In Order To Start And Take The First Step In This Direction, Much Less Time And Resources Are Transformation Through The Eyes Of The Ceo And Cio 23.12.2020 What Is Digital Business Transformation? Although This Concept Is Now Well Known, A Single Definition Has Not Yet Develope. Moreover, The Answer To This Question.

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