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The Screenshot Below Business Process Of Digital Transformation Of Work With Vacancies It Is Advisable To Lay Down No More Than 1-2 Points At A Time, Since Attempts To Transform At Once Are Increasingly Often Unsuccessful. Undoubtely, The Transition To A Truly Digital Business Involves An Integrate Approach To Transformation, But Given The Big Picture, It Is Better To Start Small In Order To Get The First Results In A Short Time. Sometimes, Starting Automation, As The First “candidate” For It, Such A Business Process Is Taken, Potential Problems.

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Risks For The Company For Example, The Process Of Generating A Quarterly Report. But Here Another Risk Arises: Since This Process Is Not Often Use, The Benefits Of Automating It Are Practically Zero, And Neither Employees Nor Management May Be Impresse With The Result Achieve. Therefore, There Will Be No Desire To Go Further Hong Kong Phone Number List Along The Path Of Automation And Connect Other Processes. To Prevent This From Happening, , But At The Same Time Well-formalize Processes. In This Case, The Company Will Get The Result By Speeing Up And Streamlining, For Example, Paying Bills. The Real Benefit Of Automating One Process Will Be An Incentive To Move On. Bill Payment Digital Transformation Business Process Transformation Goals You Should Always Start By Choosing A Goal.

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To Mind Is Cost Reuction Time And Money. This Is What Is Calle “increasing Efficiency”. However, In The Era Of Digital Transformation, Priorities Are Increasingly Shifting And You Have To Think Not Only About Cost Reuction. Often This Goal Fades Into The Background And The Focus Shifts To New Opportunities That Will Help The Business Grow Further. In Other Words, Digital Transformation Is Not Carrie Out When It Is Necessary To Reuce Some Costs. It Is Neee If The Business Has Realize That New Opportunities For Development IT Email List Are Absolutely Necessary For It. If There Are Many Objects Or Goals, Then You Will Nee To Select One Or More Business Processes That Will Be Transforme First. Experts Advise When Choosing Processes To Start With The Following: Establishe: Those That Have Been Around For A Long Time. Frequent: The Process Takes Place At Least 15 Times A Month. Short: 1-2 Weeks From Start To Finish. Concrete, With A Pronounce Beginning And End. With Few Stages And Include.

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