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Into Business Processes Using Bi Data To Correct The Logic Of Business Processes In Real Time; Seamless Exchange Of Information Between Divisions, Departments, Divisions And Third Parties. Improving The Manageability Of External Communications Revenue/net Profit Integration With External Systems, Including Gis; Incorporation Of Business Processes Of Third-party Organizations (Vendors, Government Agencies, Service Stations, Etc.). Increasing Customer Loyalty Revenue New Options For Interacting With Users; Faster And More Flexible Ways Of Making Insurance Payments; Accumulation Of Data To Adjust The Underwriting Process And Combat Fraud; Pricing Policy Base On Real Insurance Risks. Comindware In Line With The.

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The Industry In General The Russian Insurance Market Is Only Making The First Steps Towards The Emergence Of Full-flege Insurtech Companies, Which Is Due To Objective Legal And Infrastructural Restrictions. The Main Interest Of Insurers Is Relate To The Further Improvement Of The Online Sales System And The Introduction Of Georgia Phone Number List Telemetry. The Main Constraints On The Path Of Digital Transformation Are The Lack Of It Specialists, A Conservative Approach To Management And Low Penetration Of Digital Technologies. The Comindware Business Application Platform Helps Insurance Companies Embark On A Journey Of Transformation And Rebuild The Industry’s Traditional Business Model: Development Of Adaptive Customer-oriente Services To Increase The Spee Of Service And Increase Customer Loyalty; Creating Conditions For The Introduction Of Relate Technologies – Telemetry, Motion Sensors, Ai And Bi – And A Deeper Penetration.

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The Digital Ecosystem Overcoming The Lack Of It Specialists In The Industry Through Low-code Development Tools; Reucing The Cost Of Maintaining The It Infrastructure Of The Enterprise; Fast Change Of Process Logic Taking Into Account The Changing Requirements Of Regulators. Video Mafin Real Experience Of Digitalization Of Sales IT Email List Using Bpms Platforms:development Of The Digital Economy In Russia 02.02.2022 In The Digital Age, The Principles Projects What Digitalization Can Bring To Business Types Of New Business Models In The Digital Economy What Does Digital Business Transformation Include? Main Trends Of Digital Transformation. Business Can’t Wait Flexibility And Spee Cloud Technologies And Gadgets What Is The Digital Economy The Digital Economy Does Not Have A Precise Definition, Which Can Be Judge From.

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