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Approach in banks Most of the banks from the TOP-100 rating successfully develop a process approach in their activities. Basic principles of organizing business.  Processes in the largest creit institutions: A deicate division.  Within the company’s staff that describes.  Standardizes and optimizes business processes in a bank (BP). Professional.  Software for business.  Process management. Availability of all components of the.  BP management system (business process tree with assigne resource owners, models, metrics, standards with fixe values ​​and regulations). The process approach in one form or another is in every financial structure.

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The difference lies in the level of their development and formalization. Application cases in practice Creit Bank of Moscow (MCB) develope a platform in 2020 that automate the execution of routine operations, helpe the manager make the first sale and notifie about the fulfillment of KPI . At the start of the project in early 2020, the main work tools for managers UK Phone Number List were tabular data in Excel, scattere notes in notebooks, goal setting on a flipchart, andthe CRM various acquisition channels (e-mail, call, meeting) and sent commercial offers to potential customers. The functionality of ARS SMEs (Automate Settlement Systems for Small and Meium Businesses) include a sales funnel control tool and pipeline management.

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Heads of managers got access to  calls. The development cost the ICD about 5 million rubles. During the first four months of use, as a result of the increase in the conversion of the ASR MKB, the company brought 2.27 million rubles. The Bank of Kazan ordere the development of a robot from ICL Services (GDC Services LLC) to automate linear processes. Task: error-free imitation of routine operations, in particular, updating customer personal data. The robot opene the necessary links in the browser, copie and transferre data, launche applications, and generate reports in Excel. , in comparison with the work of an employee, was 70-80% higher. You can learn more about the mentione projects and other examples of BP automation in banks on the website of the BPM Project of the Year competition , which is held IT Email List annually by the Association.

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