How To Track Your Seo On Lazada And Shopee 


Now that you know what your competitors are doing, you can then make a more informed decision as to what action to take next.

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Track Your Search Rating

One thing that can greatly affect your Shopee conversion rate is your search ranking. If you are not visible to customers, you will have a really hard time withdrawing your revenue.

In addition, you also need to align your current search ranking with your advertising and other marketing efforts. In this particular aspect, search ranking tracking is very important.

Just like competitor research, search ranking tracking also demands a lot of your time. Time is of the essence for Shopee sellers and as such, we recommend including automation in tracking your search rankings.

Automatic search rank tracking phone number list is one of Split Dragon’s many features. This platform allows you to add keywords to your product. When you do that, Split Dragon will be the one constantly gathering data. You will receive email notifications to inform you of any changes that occur in terms of your search rankings. After receiving this notification, you can also check with the site to see the graphs and data the team has obtained for you. Check out our Search Rank Tracking.

Run Well Targeted Campaigns

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Before running a campaign, it is very important to determine who your target audience is. Otherwise, your campaigns/ads will only bring you bad traffic (in other words, people who click are more likely to convert)

To run a well-targeted campaign, you IT Email List need to carry out thorough keyword research through Split Dragon’s Keyword suggestion tool. It is a keyword research tool targeting the search engines Shopee and Lazada.

After selecting some keywords to use for your campaign, you can test the selected terms on the Shopee app or website. Search for keywords one by one and think of yourself as a buyer.

If the product that appears in the SERP is relevant to the product you’re selling, that means it’s a good keyword for your campaign.

For a thorough tutorial on how to do the right keyword research for a campaign, check out our post on How To Find The Best Search Terms For Lazada and Shopee.

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