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Uber Have Manage To Fit Into The Digital Economy Model By Offering Customers New Ways To Consume Familiar Services. Google Develope Free User Services That It Was Able To Monetize Through Advertising. The Examples Are Endless. Content Digital Transformation Is Deeper Than You Think A Bit About Automation Commentary On The Definition Of Mintsifra The Goal Of Business Digitalization Is Digital Transformation Digital Transformation Technologies: Not A Goal, But A Means The Object Of Business Digitalization Is Business.

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Of State Corporations A Reference Approach Digitalization By Business Hands Comindware Low-code Platform For Digital Transformation Benefits Of Comindware Business Application Platform In Line With Digital Transformation Challenges: Digital Cayman Islands Phone Number List Transformation Is Deeper Than You Think The Very Concept Of Digital Transformation Includes A Wide Range Of Phenomena Outside Of It And Includes Changes In Human Behavior. Smartphones And Social Networks Have Change The Very Fabric Of The Social Structure And The Nature Of Relationships Between People, Create Fundamentally New Forms Of Communication.

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Structure Of EmploymentGood To Keep This In Mind, But This Article Is Only About Digitally Driven Business Transformation. Business Digitalization A Bit About Automation Another Aspect Of Digitalization That Also Confuses The Conceptual Apparatus Is Automation. Automation Is The Introduction Of Information Technology In Order IT Email List To Free A Person From Routine Duties. Automation Is Impossible Without Business Digitization And Does Not In Itself Guarantee An Increase In Revenue. If You Automate Operations Within An Inefficient Process, , Which Cannot Be Said About The Costs Of Maintaining The It Architecture. The Situation When The Implementation Of The System Does Not Bring The Expecte Effect, And The Company’s Management Believes That There Is No Effect Due To The Fault Of The It Department Or The Vendor.

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