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TechweekAmong the speakers Oskar Hartmann – co-founder of the projects KupiVIP.ru, Carprice, CarFix, Aktivo – Ilya Kretov – CEO of eBay in global emerging markets – Evgeny Davydovich – CEO of Svyaznoy – German Gavrilov – founder and CEO of Roistat – Dmitry Krutov – Founder & CEO at SkillBox Tech Week is worth a visit if you want to: – Gain an ege over the competition . Change your mind, find new connections and ready-made solutions for your business. – Listen and get to know top speakers. More than 250 reports from the best experts in their field. – Implement modern practices. Master classes from experts, teamwork. – Learn about innovative technologies. Exhibition of technological.

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Solutions for business Present your project or company. Rent a booth and tell about your services. Get quick feeback on your product. – Find new business connections.Exchange ideas with colleagues and speakers, conclude business agreements-scale The Impact of the Pandemic on Business Transformation The COVID-19 pandemic has become Australia Phone Number List a powerful catalyst for the digitalization of businesses around the world, which is confirmeforeign analytical agencies. We propose to dig deeper and, base on the Process Excellence Network (PEX) report, understand exactly what this acceleration of digitalization looks like in practice. This will help you understand which innovative activities.

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Performe well in 2020 and are worthy of consideration in 2021. You can find Russian localization of the key points of the PEX report here . We have presente the main results of the study and the conclusions that can be drawn from them in the form of infographics that will answer the following questions: How has your view on the goals of business digitalization change IT Email List during the pandemic? How many companies felt confident during this difficult time? What did the companies that embarke on the path of innovation in 2020 do? What do  budgets look like in 2021? Impact of the pandemic on business transformation Key takeaways from the infographic: The focus has shifte from driving business growth to survival and business continuity. 1 in 5 businesses feel confident.

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