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The product allows you to quickly develop and implement flexible IT solutions for customer relationship management ( CRM ) or suppliers (SRM) and automation of operations. With the Low-code Comindware Business Application Platform, banks can improve their business processes in the following key areas: Attraction of new clients Creating and modifying business processes Automation of routine operations Risk prevention and compliance We help the world’s leading brands solve problems quickly and transform for tomorrow, from maximizing customer value to service optimization and efficiency. Request a demo and a Comindware expert will contact you to scheule a live demo presentation. Elena Haidukova Elena Gaidukova , marketing analyst.

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He has been working in the field of BPM and 2014. He is currently the Brand Manager for Comindware Business Application Platform base solutions .BPMN 2.0 Notation: Key Elements and Description 04.03.2021 BPMN (Business Process Management Notation) is a business process modeling language that is an intermeiate link between of a business process. Simply put, such a notation is a description of the graphic elements use to build a business UAE Phone Number List process flow diagram. At a minimum, such a scheme is neee in order to build a business process in accordance with it and clearly regulate it for all participants.It is also important that BPMN modeling allows you to subsequently automate business processes in accordance with the existing scheme. Is BPMN the best notation for the task at hand? A good answer, still relevant today, was given back in the seventies of the XX century.

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Modeling notation and set of semantics

By Charles Box “All models are wrong, some are useful.” BPMN is definitely useful, and some of the limitations that the notation has, according to experts, are not so important in practice: When we model something, we remove some aspects of the real world in order to visualize them. Yet IT professionals continue to search for one true  to rule IT Email List it all. They suggest that it should be possible to translate all aspects and their relationships into a visual language. I think most business people don’t nee it. They use models to communicate with each other… and yes, there are circles and arrows, rectangles and clouds, and… very few people are intereste in reflecting the relationship of all aspects to each other. Derek MeyersDerek Miers – Industry Analyst and Consultant. More than 25 years of experience.

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