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Management (CRM) system . The creation of almost any business solution, including CRM , is not complete without the creation of business processes. Among the important features. Of the Comindware platform. Is the import of business processes create in accordance with the BPMN 2.0 notation from other systems. For example: the company has already carrie out business process modeling using the BPM system use previously. Importing business processes allows you not to re-do work that has already been done, and to avoid unnecessary difficulties when implementing a CRM system base.

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On the Comindware Business Application Platform . For example, one of the BPMN processes create in a Comindware-base CRM system might look like this: BPMN process create in CRM system Also, the ability to import BPMN processes comes in handy if a company decides to purchase template business processes from third-party vendors instead China Phone Number List of modelingpossible in thewhich is include in the functionality of the platform and accessible from any web browser, it becomes them themselves. It is also worth noting that this platform belongs to the Low-code type, which ensures minimal participation of the IT department in the creation and launch of business processes, and also allows business analysts to make the necessary changes to the processes on the fly, on their own. Modeling of BPMN business processes.

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On the example of workflow The platform from Comindware is perfect for simplifying and deepening the automation of business processes within electronic document management systems ( eMS ). Approval and signing of a contract is the most typical process within the document flow of any company. With the help of a custom tool from Comindware, Reform IT Email List of the enterprise structure or specific departments. Rethinking the goals and mission of the company. Changing the mindset of employees and management. Automation using BPM systems. The essence of reengineering can be conveye as s example, as shown in the screenshot below. negotiation of the contract An important advantage of the Comindware Business Application Platform is that the solutions.

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