How to hold an Online Congress step by step


How to hold an Online Congress step by step. In this article I am going to explain how to design and organize an online conference step by step to sell a training course, service or other product. There are two ways to do it; good and bad. I have started with this note of humor because nowadays, and due to Covid-19, the number of requests to hold online conferences has skyrocketed, but all of them are well designed as an effective sales tool.

Event format

Event format. There are many event formats; one day, two and even 3 or more days, but what you have to think about is which will be most effective for the sale. A virtual conference lasting several days obviously has the risk of exhausting the attendee, so I am going to recommend that you limit it to a single day. In this case I speak to you from my own experience. I have organized top people data different online digital marketing events and the one that I have achieved the best results with has been the one-day format. The next step is to decide the title and duration of the presentations .

Choice of date

I recommend that you hold the event a week before the start of your training program so that attendees have a greater feeling of urgency. And although it may seem logical, many people when organizing an online event forget to analyze that it does not coincide with other conferences or events. For example, imagine that on the day you choose, your country’s national team plays a match or Madrid Vs Barcelona. Logically we must avoid coinciding with any event that may reduce our audience. Regarding the day, it can be a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The days that IT Email List  have worked best for us have been Tuesdays and Thursdays. But this is something that depends on your target audience.

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