Applications of Political Programmatic Campaign


Imagine making just three ads and targeting voters based on their political preference on a specific issue. The detailed targeting of political programmatic advertising. Therefore, will not only inform voters on specific issues of your campaign platform, but also save you money.

Don’t waste your campaign budget on advertisements for voters whose. Therefore, political ideals don’t match yours. Instead, design a campaign that is almost completely automated and targets voters who are most likely to step into a voting booth and vote for you. Therefore, These advertisements could be the difference between a voter checking your name or your opponents on election day.

Programmatic advertising works by collecting the data from third party exchanges. Therefore, These exchanges have access to the data collected by multiple websites and online resources. Some of the data centers include polling platforms.

Data driven campaign strategy

Polling platforms like pollshare collect information from online audiences. Therefore, that allow political campaigns to define and target their ideal voters. This information provides campaigns with better insights into who their audience is, giving campaign managers the opportunity. Therefore, to personalize each ad with influential content.
No matter the size of the election, whether it’s on the national or local level, political programmatic advertising has its benefits. Targeting an ideal voter with. Therefore, advertisement highlighting the political stance of a single candidate or issue increases awareness and influences potential voters.

National campaigns
Take a look at this social issue map biz list of the united states during the time of the obama/romney presidential election. Notice that the two main political issues in the upper midwest area are gun control. Therefore, and the national debt. Based on this information, a candidate running for office in one of these states would be able to specifically address these issues.

When a candidate’s campaign uses political programmatic advertising. Therefore, we can create ads tailored to resonate with voters about these issues. Here are examples of the criteria that voters would have to meet to be served our candidates ads.

Reduce the national debt ad

These are examples of the specific targeting options of political programmatic advertising based on the national issues in 2012. Campaigns IT Email List using political programmatic advertising in the upcoming 2016 election will operate using the same data driven advertising strategy to influence voters based on a candidate’s platform.

Local level elections
Running for office in a local election like a state senate race, could also apply political programmatic to target voters. If we use the example of a state senate race, a candidates ideal voters come from their district. As such, it becomes necessary to only target the voters in your district with advertisements.

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