Three Location Base Advertising Tactics


It’s not every day that you get to see how your work can impact the way people enjoy their lives, but on a recent trip with some friends, I got a firsthand look at why we all need online advertising. Our trip was to indianapolis to watch the new york jets play the indianapolis colts. After a long drive, my friends and I finally made it to the city and enjoyed the game. It wasn’t until the game was over that our troubles began.

We didn’t have a place to stay for the night and the long drive home didn’t sound like the greatest idea.

We figured it would be pretty easy to find a hotel

Once we were in the area, but we were wrong. While we were driving through the city, I began searching online for “hotels in indianapolis.

I had a few options, but they either didn’t have any openings or when. We used google maps to find the hotel it wasn’t where. Their buying phone numbers address said it was online.

I was disappointed to find out that many of the local hotels were. Missing out on customers like me because they weren’t taking advantage. Of the online advertising technology to reach their audience. Because of my adventure, trying to find. A hotel in indianapolis, I want to outline some. Of the tactics that businesses can use to target customers. Based on their location.

There are quite a few digital marketing tools any business

Can use to make sure they maximize their profits and not let potential customers not slip through the cracks.

Search engine results with location extensions
With geotargeting, businesses can run display advertising or search engine marketing (sem) within a specific geography to serve ads to people when they need your serves the most.

While I was searching for a hotel, I could have IT Email List been served an ad during the search process if they were to bid on keywords when I was in their specific geography by using sem. If I would have searched for “hotels in indianapolis” anywhere within the boundaries of indianapolis that they set, I would have been served an ad that would have helped guide me to their hotel.

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