The Beginning of Political Programmatic Advertising


The 2016 presidential race will be a historical election season in terms of online advertising. It’s predicted that the total spend for online advertisements will exceed $1 billion for the first time in history. This will also be the first time programmatic advertising will be widely used by political campaigns in their advertising strategies.

With the advanced targeting capabilities and data accessibility. That programmatic advertising offers, it’s not hard to see. Why political campaigns of all sizes, both national and local, are looking to tap into this new industry tactic.

Political programmatic advertising has been gaining support. By campaign managers as they look to develop data driven advertising. Strategies for their candidates. More recently, programmatic advertising has proven to be extremely. Beneficial for businesses in other industries looking to target. New customers, and the political world has noticed.

President obama’s 2012 re election campaign changed

The way campaign managers view the modern political race. The obama campaign administration utilized digital advertising and data collections that had never been seen before.

With their advancements in data collection, they were. Able to make advertising decisions based on in-depth results based. On data collected through online platforms.

Research companies analyzed phone number lists strategies of the obama presidential. Campaign and found that they used their data to “drive almost all aspects of campaign. Decision-making, including their media. And advertising operations.” the data driven decision-making strategy. Of the obama campaign set the groundwork for future online. Voter data collection, and today’s candidates. Are looking to political programmatic advertising for precise messaging.

From businesses to politics

The automotive and tourism industry have been using programmatic advertising to target customers in the market to buy vehicles or take vacations. The world of politics is now looking to use a similar strategy to target voters.

Therefore,  If we look closely at the way political programmatic advertising is being used in campaigns, we can see that campaign managers IT Email List are using. Therefore, the tactic in a very similar way business marketers use the technology to spread awareness for their brand and products. The access to third party data allows marketers to identify. Therefore, which customers are looking for their products and then place ads in designated websites to catch the attention. Therefore, of those customers. Instead of customers, campaign managers are using the data to target possible voters. Strategically placing ads in front of voters can influence their political preference to lean toward a specific candidate.

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