A Real Enterprise Corresponds To Its

Group Of Information Services.  That Is Assemble On The.  Fly From Smart Blocks.  And Fulfills The User’s Request Under.  The Control Of The “Here.  And Now” Ontological Model. The Group Of Infoservices Performs.  Its Work, And Then Falls.  Back Into Its Constituent.  Smart Blocks. If Such A Service Turns Out To Be Regular.  Requires Repeate Repetition.  Then This Group Of Information Services Remains “assemble.  For Subsequent Use. Next.  We Will Show That Groups.  Of Infoservices Fixe In This Way.  Can Perform The Functions Of Applications, Cases, Business Processes, And Inforobots.

Ontologies Are Formally

Presente Knowlege Base On Conceptualization, That Is, Descriptions Of A Set Of Objects And Concepts, Knowlege About Them And Relationships Between Them. Ontologies In The Form Of Knowlege Bases Can Be Read And Understood By The User, Can Be Alienate From The Developer And/or Physically Share By Users, Including For Joint Work Portugal Phone Number List On Any Subject Area. In Turn, The Ontological System Model Allows Describing The Relationship Of Ontologies Of Different Levels. The Concepts Mentione Above Are Use In The Architecture Of The Ontological Digital Platform. In Order For Microsystems (Smart Blocks) To Be Meaningfully Assemble Into A Group Of Instant Information Services, The Concept Of An Ontological Model (Om) Was Use. Om Contains A Strict Description Of The System Of Concepts, Objects, Entities, Relationships And Everything Else.

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Area Of ​​informatization; In Other Words, It Is A Virtual Reflection Of The Real World Of The Enterprise With The Necessary And Sufficient Degree Of Detail/simplification. In Fact, Om Forms A Virtual Model Of The Enterprise. This Is An IT Email List Informational Reflection, A Virtual Twin Of A Real Enterprise. Here, Each Material Object Of  Informational Virtual Twin. Every Detail, Device, Tool, Machine, Material, Product, As Well As An Employee – In A Word, Literally Everything That An Enterprise Consists Of As A Business System For The Production Of Products Or The Provision Of Services, Is Reflecte In This Virtual Component. The Ontological Model Maintains The Integrity Of The Data And Ensures Their Quality When The External And Internal Conditions Of The System Change. [15] Thus, The Architectural Style Of “manage Atomization”, In Which The Digital Platform Is Built, Links The Above Concepts Into A Single Whole: Atomic Microsystem – Smart Block; Quick Response Information Services; A Large Adaptive Ontological Model.

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