Changes In The External Business Environment

An Appropriate Set Of Skills Among Employees. In Particular, It Is Assume.  That The User Of The Platform Has Experience.  In Business Analysis And The.  Formulation Of Hypotheses.  The Operability Of Which Will Be Teste By.  The Platform. Through The Assembly Of.  Instant Information.  Services, The Platform.  Will Quickly Solve The Tasks.  Set By The User To Support.  Decision-making.  Including Automatic Data Extraction For Building Analytical Reports, Aggregation Of Specific Data Samples For Interactive Business.  Analysis Using Bi-systems (Business Intelligence Systems). In Other Words, The Main Function Of The Digital Platform In This Context Is To Enable The User To Enter Any Queries And Receive Meaningful Adequate Answers In A Constant.

Unchanging Business Environment

Without Making Changes To The “virtual Enterprise Model”. Practice Of Using The Approach In A Real Environment The Prototypes Of Digital Twins Of Enterprises That Exist Today Are Executable Bpmn Models Of Individual Parts Of A Business ( See Figure 3 ), Create On The Basis Of An Ontological Digital Platform In A Development Paradigm With Qatar Phone Number List Minimal Programming (Low-code) And Interacting With Each Other According To The “each With Each” Scheme . Figure 3. The Prototype Of The Digital Twin Of The Enterprise For An Ontological Digital Platform, On The Basis Of Which A Variety Of Digital Twins For A Variety Of Applications Will Be Massively Develope, There Are Many Options For Adapting And Flexible Business Settings – Both The Execution.

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Of Almost Any Commands And

Requests From Users And Customers, And The Rapid Introduction Of Changes In Business Processes. The Set Of Such Options Is Not Limite To A Preetermine Data Schema Or Component Structure Of An Enterprise Information System. This Is The IT Email List Basis Of A Truly Adaptive Composite Business, Which Can Handle Any, In The Market, In Legislation, In  Ontological Digital Platform Has Great Prospects For Use In Enterprises Aime At Developing Resilience In The Face Of Uncertainty And Adaptive Functioning In The Context Of The Digital Economy. Confirmation That The Idea Of ​​an Ontological Digital Platform Satisfies The Nees Of Modern Business Is The Fact That This Invention, Patente In 2016 Was Adopte.

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