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Business Opportunities. An Important Difference Between A Composite Business And A Traditional One Is Its Ability To Organically Develop And Respond To The Challenges Of A Changing Reality Both Centrally And Decentralize, Which Is Ensure By The Principles Of Building A Business Of This Type. Four Principles Of Building A Composite Business From Gartner [6]: The Constant Search For ” Link Points” – Points In Time Or Events That Require The Organization To “Look Around” And Quickly Adjust Course To Increase Customer Value Or Capture New Business Opportunities. Increase Agility Through Business Function Modularity.

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Responsiveness Within A Stand-alone Business Unit. Focus On Business Value With The Ability To Orchestrate And Mix Modular Business Functions Peru Phone Number List For Optimal Results. High Stability Of The Organization At The Expense Of The Autonomy Of Business Units. In Addition To Gartner, Similar Thoughts About The Nee For “atomization” And “autonomy” Are Expresse By George Gilder, Author Of The Book “life After Google” [10]: Increasing The Profitability Of Computers. And This Requires A Completely New Architecture Of Computing Systems. It Will Be Millions Of Small Data Centers Around The World, Many Of Them Will Be Mobile.

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New Blockchain-base Computer Architecture.” [eleven] In Other Words, In Order To Successfully Function And Develop In A Global Digital Environment With A High Level Of Uncertainty, A Business Nees To Make Sure That Its Technological Component Is Built Like A Swarm [12], I.e. Business Objects Had A Degree Of Autonomy Sufficient Same Time Were Aime At A Single Benefit For The Business. In This Case, The Business Can.  Be Considere Composite IT Email List And Ready For.  The Challenges Of The Future. In This Context.  When Building An Is With.  A Swarm-type Architecture.  In Order To Successfully Operate.  In A Digital Economy.  Characterize By High.  Interdependence.  Spee And Complexity, We Come To The.  Nee To Use A New Technological Arsenal. At The Application Level, The Implementation Of A Composite Business With A Swarm-type Architecture Is Provide Through The Use Of A Super-system Architecture And Ontologies Below Is An Example Of The Implementation Information.

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