The Necessary And Sufficient Elements


Regulate Customer Chose A Picture With A Description Of The Product In The Mobile Application (The Prototype Of The “digital Twin” Of The Product), Paid For It, And It Was Delivere The Next Day Right To Hand; 3d Printing : The Customer Selecte Files Of Finishe 3d Models Of The Desire Products From The Online Library (Almost Already “Digital Twins”), Sent Them To The 3d Printing Service; From There, The Products Were Delivere To The Customer; If Desire, He Can Additionally Print Them On His Household 3d Printer; Construction : Building Information Modeling, Bim – Collection And Processing Of Data On Architectural And.

Planning, Design Economic

Technological Operational Characteristics Of A Building Object, Combine In A Single Information Field Of The Bim Model; All Data Embede In This Paraguay Phone Number List Model Are Interconnecte And Interdependent; It Is The Most Practically Develope Technology For Today, Close To “Digital Twins”.[8] Thus, In The Near Future, The Production Program Of The “Digital Enterprise” / Product Line Of Business Services Will Be Forme “On The Fly” By Receiving And Analyzing A Variety Of Digital Orders From Specific Consumers In Real Time. At The Same Time, Both The Nee (Demand, Consumer Order) And The Supply Of Goods (Product, Resource, Service) Offere.

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To Meet This Nee Are

Expresse In The Form Of Their Digital Models (For Example, Files Of 3d Models Of Household Products Or Files Of Bim Models In The Construction Of Buildings ). A Digital Demand Model (Dms) Is An Ontologically Complete Description Of That Uniquely Characterize The Nee (Demand) For Its Satisfaction With The Corresponding Product. A Digital Supply Model (Dsm) Is An Ontologically Complete Description Of The Necessary IT Email List And Sufficient Elements Of A Product (Product, Service Or Resource) That Satisfies The Demand For It. It Is This Pair Of Digital Models “Cms-cmp” That Is The Atomic Basis Of Economic Interaction In The Digital Economy, Its Basic Level. The Consumer Orders The Right Product, And The Manufacturer Delivers This Product Using These Applications As Part Of A Single Distribute Platform That Ensures The Functioning Of The Processes Of Production, Distribution And Use.

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