Is A Conscious Rejection Of Conservatism


Challenges Of Digital Transformation Trying To Transform Businesses To Meet The Demands Of The Digital Age Often Runs Into Difficulties. Let’s Analyze The Most Common Of Them. Unwillingness Of Employees.  To Change Any Changesamount Of Time.  But There Are No Other Options: Until Every Employee Is Traine To.  Work In A New Business Model.  The Transformation Will Not Happen. Training Is Not Only About Working With New Software, But Also About The Very Principles Of Work, And The Culture Of Innovation, Which Is Discusse Below. It Is Important Not Only To “implant” Changes From Top To Bottom, But Also To Receive Constant, Live Feeback From Employees.

The More They Feel Personally

Involve In The Transformation The More They Will Begin To Appreciate Its Results. Leadership Conservatism The Problem Is The Conservatism Of Ordinary Employees And Middle Managers. It Is Important Here To Explain Why The Austria Phone Number List Transformation Is Being Carrie Out, To Outline The Benefits That A Particular Employee Or Department Will Receive. It Is Not Always Possible To Do This Within The Framework Of A 30-minute Conversation Or Lecture. But If You Save Resources At This Stage, The Efficiency Of Everything Else May Remain Low. Two Sides Of The Culture.

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Of Innovation A Culture Of

Innovation Is The Sum Of The Habits, Beliefs, Attitudes And Principles Of Employees That Are As Compatible As Possible With The Rapid Introduction Of Everything New. At The Core Of A Culture Of Innovation. Its Salient Features Are: The IT Email List Absence Of A Rigid Hierarchy In Which One Cannot Argue With The Boss. Everyone’s Opinion Is Value. Any Thought Can Be Expresse Openly. Rejection Of Patterns, Even At The Level Of A Strict Dress Code. Experiments, The Right To Make Mistakes. But Not Everything Is So Simple. The Love Of Experimentation Meets The Requirement To Conduct Them According To Strict Rules, Without Introducing The Company Into Large Expenses. The Rejection Of Hierarchy Does Not Always Find.

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