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Regime in the Unite States in 2020, and the total increase in permanent “remote workers” compare to 2019 was 87%. But the results in different companies vary, often diametrically oppose. So, studies show that those who manage to do everything right are going to work in this mode after the end of the pandemic, because companies manage to save an average of $ 11,000 a year for each workplace transferre from the office to remote work. What is the problem of those who fail to organize normal work in the new conditions? A lot depends on how employers monitor employees working from home. Remote work provokes problems with the correct accounting of working hours and performance control. The impossibility of personal observation and motivation in the office is a problem. And it can be effectively solve in only one way – through the introduction of software for monitoring, accounting and control.

Depends on how the right tools

Content The most popular tools for performance Kickidler – automatic productivity control and time tracking Hubstaff – remote employee control Time Doctor – time tracking KnowIT – monitoring PC and mobile devices Roadmap – a project Tick ​​- time tracker for PC and mobile devices Timely – time tracker for tracking working hours Hiveesk – Time tracking Canada Phone Number List software for remote teams TSheets – advance time tracker Automation of control and business management is the key to its effectiveness The most popular tools for monitoring and measuring employee performance The market offers a lot of software designe for corporate use – for every taste.

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Monitoring and measuring employee

The success of the transition to remote work directly are chosen for its organization. In the case of employee monitoring and accounting programs, it is important to find one that will allow you to strike a balance: on the one hand, it will give the manager the opportunity to receive enough information to make the right IT Email List decisions about employees, on the other hand, not to turn corporate control into real surveillance of every action, because this not only unethical, but also uncomfortable for the employee. The practice of successful companies shows that the following tools for measuring the productivity of remote workers most meet these criteria. Kickidler – automatic productivity control and time tracking Kickidler is one of the most popular programs for monitoring remote.

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