The Importance of Knowing the Future

Looking into their crystal ball, forbes has compiled a list of 10 trends that businesses should look to for their new marketing plans, and our 2012 mobile and social media trends continue to climb the charts in this latest study.

Mobile is going to become the center of marketing. From cell phones to smartphones, tablets to wearable gadgets, the evolution of mobile devices is one of the prime factors influencing the marketing world. As the focus is shifting to smaller screens, brands will be able to strike up a more personalized relationship with their customers by leveraging the power of mobile.”

It doesn’t take too long before social media is mentioned as a trend to watch out for in 2016 – coming in at number five.

Number one on the forbes list is mobile advertising

“social will become the next internet. Social will become an integral part of the “broader marketing discipline.” as its impact grows stronger, most brands will fully transition their marketing efforts to social channels. As such, social has the full potential to become not just one of the channels but the channel.”

You might be asking yourself, so what’s next? What other trends have been growing and what can we expect to see in the future? Forbes’ list of 10 trends driving marketing outlines what they believe to be the growing industry, so I’ll point out two more trends that we could expect to see in the future.

Creating quality content comes in at telephone number list the number three trend on forbes’ list.

“the need for good content will not slow down. Ever. Content, particularly visual content, will rule the roost in the online marketing world, evolving into various forms and disrupting the conventional marketing models. Moreover, the speed at which a brand can create amazing content will play a part in their success.

Finishing off the list at number 10 is the development of more accurate metrics

More accurate metrics will surface. What most brands do in the name of measuring marketing success is look at hollow “vanity” metrics such IT Email List as likes, shares, or tweets. Even in terms of data mining, we are still developing more sophisticated means to capture the right data. Many ideas are hypothesized, but few are practical. The future will witness the rise of better analytical tools to help marketers gauge the success of their campaigns.

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