Predicting Future Marketing Trends


The world of online marketing is an environment of constantly changing technology and trends. So, when articles get published predicting the future of online marketing, how can you take them seriously? I mean, how can someone predict the future of online marketing when everyone’s mind changes from month to month?

The reality is that analyzing industry trends and conducting studies about the effects of specific platforms and strategies takes a lot of research and data. And while trends may change often, some manage to hold strong and become staples in businesses marketing strategies.

When strong trends manage to survive the prediction phase and come true, it becomes more important than ever for businesses to notice and take advantage of these trends’ success.

Increased mobile consumption

In 2012, we predicted that the consumption of mobile advertising would become a major player in the way businesses spread their brand name.

“mobile consumption is rising sharply, putting pressure on. Companies to ensure that their websites are effective on mobile devices, such as telemarketing lists smartphones and tablet computers. This is especially critical for retailers that may run primarily. From an ecommerce site, but also for any sort of digital media or content that a business may be used as part of their internet marketing campaign.”

Emphasis on social media
I don’t think it’s a shock to anyone that social media has become a part of our daily lives in 2015, but just three years ago, businesses had a much different understanding of what social media could do for their business. In our 2012 blog, we advised businesses to take a more active approach to connecting with their audience through social media.

As far as these 2012 predictions are concerned

Things have gone pretty much according to plan. Part of the success of these predictions is largely due to the increased ownership of smartphones.

Pew research conducted a survey stating that 64% of american’s now own smartphones. With nearly 10% of those owners saying that their smartphone is the only access they have to the internet. Mobile advertising has become one of the most effective ways to reach customers.

The increase in mobile usage isn’t the IT Email List only reason behind the success of these trends. Social media has redefined the ways business represent themselves on the internet. The new features of different platforms allows companies to become more casual with their voice.

Through social media, businesses are beginning to connect with customers through conversation and constant connection. Livestreaming platforms like facebook live, meerkat, periscope, and now blab are connecting people to the real-time activity of other people.

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