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Subsequently Offer Isupplier Costs Is As Important To Profit As Additional Revenue. Traditionally, There Are 2 Strategies: Push (Pushing). Purchases Are Made At The Signal Of Management, Large Stocks Are Forme. The Company Works With Many Suppliers At The Same Time, There Is Competition, There Are Reasons To Request A Price Reuction. Pull (Pulling). The Purchase Is Made At The Request Of The Client Of The Company Or Its Department. Stocks Are Limite, Suppliers Are Few, And Efforts Are Being Made To Build A Long-term Relationship With Each Of Them. Which Strategy Is Better To Choose Depends On The Specifics Of The Company. The First Approach Is Aime At Reucing Costs. Including, Thanks To Wholesale Discounts, Lower Transportation Costs (Transportation Of One Large Consignment Is Cheaper Than A Dozen Small Ones).

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Manufacturing Enterprises, Where It Is Known In Advance That Raw Materials Will Still Be Use Up, But Downtime Due To Shortages Is Unacceptable. The Second Approach Is Often Practice By Retail Chains That Do Not Want To Create Excess Products, Especially Perishable Ones. Instead, The Goods Are Ordere In Small Batches To Those Stores Where Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List They Ende. Choosing The Right Strategy Helps Create A Flexible System That Keeps Inventory At The Right Level, Allowing Neither Excess Nor Shortage. How Do Business Purchases Work? There Are Several Options For How A Company Can Choose A Supplier. Directly: The Application Is Sent To Only One Company, And The Contract Is Immeiately Conclude. The Method Is Rarely Use, Because It Does Not Allow.

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Reuce The Price  Many Types Of Procurement Are Prohibite By Law In This Format. Reverse Auction. Open: The Company Places On A Special Site An Application For The Supply Of A Consignment Of Goods Or The Performance Of Work Not Higher . Close: Invitations To Participate Are Sent To Multiple Companies. The Lowest Bidder Always Wins IT Email List The Auction. The Method Works Mainly When Buying A Product That Has Standard Characteristics. Tender. It Can Also Be Close And Open. The Company, Having Collecte Proposals, Analyzes Not Only The Cost, But Also The Quality Of The Product / Service, And All Their Parameters. Any Supplier That Meets The Specifie Requirements Can Take Part In Open Auctions And Tenders. This Format Helps To Find Profitable Suppliers By Expanding The List Of Participants As Much As  Therefore.

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