How Businesses can utilize Pinterest


There is only specific locations to pick from. Not only is it limited to the us, but you can only pick from select large cities. There is also no option to input radius targeting to expand or decrease your reach in these areas.

Language – for only being able to target the us there is actually quite a range of different languages you can target.

Device targeting – this lets you select from web, mobile web, iphone, ipad, android mobile, and android tablet.

Gender – you can choose from female, male, or unspecified.

The best part of advertising on pinterest is the lifetime of a promoted pin last long after a campaign is over. The organic engagement will continue to promote material with an average of 5% boost in earned impressions 30 days after a pin is finished being promoted.

As of now, there is no ground breaking news about promoted pins.

Pinterest can drive the most referral traffic to websites

The platform is highly used as a search engine by people who are looking for inspiration and items to purchase. No other social media platform has users that are that close in the purchasing process.

Multiple companies have shared that pinterest drives more referral traffic than google+, youtube, and linkedin combined. It’s also been said that pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than the average buyer.

Paid and organic tips
Just like all other social media platforms, there are paid and organic benefits you can reap when utilizing the platform with a business presence. Here are some tips to use while optimizing your pinterest account. For more information about pinterest rules, visit the advertising rules guide.

Insert the pinterest ‘pin it’ button on telemarketing list photos on your site to encourage viewers to share your material on pinterest, just like facebook and twitter buttons.
Part 3 – consumer insights
Another nice feature is the ability for additional insights into your audience. Pinterest gives you great insights into what other products your audience are interested in.

Facebook and twitter tell you what business pages your customers like or follow, but no other platform gives a more detailed look into what exactly your potential customers like.

Pinterest users are pinning the exact products that caught their eye

And not only can you see what your audience is pinning, but also which of your pins they are interacting with the most.

Just think how your website works. It shows you which items sell the most and generate the most profit. With pinterest, you can see the largest IT Email List ratio of which items are pinned the most but aren’t purchased. This information can lead to finding out if certain items are priced too high.

Consumer testing
If you have a business with a high volume of website traffic, you should consider the potential of pinterest. Utilizing organic pins is one of the best way to test elements like colors, images, discounts and sales. Through this testing you will find a better understanding of which elements get the most interaction. This is the best free way to test for future ads and website content.

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