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Social media has become one of the most effective ways for businesses to connect with their ideal audience when selling products or services. Facebook, twitter, and instagram have recently introduced new advertising features designed specifically for businesses to promote their products.

Pinterest is now looking to throw its hat into the advertising ring with its new advertising tactics. We’ve been waiting for advertising on pinterest to arrive, and a couple months ago pinterest delivered in the form of promoted pins. In order to use this advertising tactic, businesses must first request access by joining the waitlist.

Now that we’ve had the chance to test and manage pinterest’s new promoted pins, we had some helpful guidelines for you to improve your pinterest business account and expand your brand name using both paid and organic features on pinterest.

Pinterest is quickly becoming one of the most popular platforms

For businesses to gain new customers, and promoted pins is increasing its popularity by giving you more opportunities to reach new customers. This new advertising feature helps brands build awareness, gain engagement with their content, and drive traffic to their website. It allows access to top placements and the ability to target desired audiences.

Promoted pins are similar to regular pins, however, you can promote them to be seen by people outside of your brand’s following. They act in a native us phone number list advertising method where they show alongside other pins in users’ feeds. Which means they perform just as well as organic pins with an average engagement rate of 2-5%.

Engagement and traffic campaigns
As of right now, there are two types of promoted pin campaigns. Engagement and traffic campaigns are designed to achieve specific objectives for your business. Knowing how each one operates can help you create a custom pinterest campaign that improves your business.

Objective is to have people click through to the website

In my opinion, this is where pinterest is lacking. At the moment the targeting opinions are very limited on this platform. Fingers are crossed that as this platforms increases as an advertising option for marketers and businesses, pinterest will expand on how we can target audiences.

Targeting options

Terms – you can select different terms IT Email List to target your pins to relevant audiences. Similar to picking keywords in adwords, but think more as topics. If I was advertising oil change services I may choose to target the term “cars” or “automotive.” I would start with broad terms and as you evaluate how your campaign is doing, narrow down on more specific terms. This targeting method is also nice because pinterest will suggest similar terms to also target. Giving you help to think of more possible ideas.

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