Why not save money and do it yourself


MRACE® model Finally its good to remember that Why not save just by following trends your social mia advertising is not necessarily systematic. Thats why the importance of an expert and strategy is emphasiz so that you can also see the results of quick experiments know how to fit them into the framework of the whole and can continue to develop your operations bas on the results.

Existing customers in all stages

Our previously pag MRACE® model is bas on a sales pipeline-like model which aims to business database influence both potential and of their purchase process with content and materials suitable for each stage. With the help of the model we guide people from arous interest through the information search phase to a purchase to a committ and returning customer.

The model are buyer personas

business database

Old Lives are also Live has end. In the domestic market however it should be not that e.g. Instagrams native live shopping function is not yet available on Finnish accounts IT Email List as well as not buying directly from Instagram Shops) but for the time being we have to use another platform in between e.g. our own online store. The same goes for TikTok. The rise of TikTok TikTok is without a doubt the hottest topic of conversation on the social mia side of the 2020s. In the last few years

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