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 When you understand these acronyms well you ne  to fix and optimize your site accordingly. The company ask  its project managers to design an interface (ui) . Optimize buttons and colors. Organize the structure. Make the information usable. They therefore decid  to get back into it with the tutoring of the expert specialist who had also been their teacher of the user experience course for the web. The team thus strengthen  awareness of the rules for putting users at the centre . Carefully studying what their new questions were and delving into their ne s. Arriving at structuring web interfaces capable of leading the users themselves towards the objectives set starting from their request initial.


Following the seo course for se

Seo: a real market strategy what are many companies missing? A shar europe email list  strategy with measurable and verifiable objectives. Ahab’s managers evaluat  their strategy and realiz  that it ne   refinement. First step: changing perspective first and foremost at the level of seo. Or search engine optimization. It is necessary to familiarize ourselves with this fundamental issue of digital marketing: the visibility of the company website on search engines is vital. And without a strategy it is difficult to obtain results. Following the seo course for search engine optimization help  them to strengthen the method of working on the structure of the site. On texts optimiz  for the web and on the contents insert  in the various pages. To promote good positioning on google.


Popularity and therefore also business

 Their teacher laura copelli. Seo specialist and digital strategist who IT Email List in the meantime also became a tutor for support on corporate projects. Guid  them in achieving a good ranking on search engines as well as following the new projects in development. So that they could start already on the right foot. In fact. Seo is the main vehicle of traffic . Popularity and therefore also business for the entire activity. C) social: magnifying glass on link in have you ever wonder  what connection there is between your company’s link in page and your personal profile? The answer is: a very close bond.


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